Can You Hear Me Now?


Derby Museum and Art Gallery launches a curious new collection of audience emotions, exhibited from 4th February until 10th June.

1,000 visitor responses to an intriguing set of eight questions have formed the basis of a new body of work by artists Stephen Carley and Anna Mawby. Working in direct response to the visitor text, quotes of sadness have been depicted by watery tears dripping slowly through punctured holes in plastic bottles whilst large placards lay prone on the floor, silently shouting slogans of anger. Grains of salt have shaped themselves into words of desire beside a mirror, reflecting your fear in its dusty surface.

Both artists use text within their practice and are focused on process and material.

can you hear me now? is curated by Andrea Hadley-Johnson. The concept was inspired by the recent scandals within investigative journalism sitting in sharp contrast with social media outpourings of deeply personal information; this apparent need to be heard and need to expose has become a potent and emotive form of communication. The underlying framework for the exhibition is based on traditional museological practice including cataloguing, categorising and taxonomical display.

We’d be delighted to add to our collection of emotions, responses can be tweeted to @c_y_h_m_n or on the project blog

Entry to Derby Museum and Art Gallery is free and it is open 11-5pm Tuesday to Saturday and 1-4pm on Sunday. It is closed on Monday.


click here to see some work in progress images on anna's blog

click here to see some photos of the exhibition on anna's facebook page